Saturday, June 24, 2006

Draft. Maybe?


Pasencia na kung pangit!

Better post will be posted next time.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let's Do the FIRST DAY HIGH!

Yeah, we just had our first week of classes . Its been a long time since the last recent update I had.Sowee for the buddies slash links i have, because i can't visit your site already but if i have already much time I'll be visiting your site! Promise! Don't worry! BE HAPPY! I'm not lying though, but I want to thank all of you guyz for visiting my site though there's nothing new! But now,Here's something new!

Last Wednesday(June 14,2006 to be exact) was our FIRST DAY OF CLASSES! I was really nervous because I was expecting that new classmate would be mean! and not only that, MAYBE teachers too! but t'was all a MAYBE! haha. I woke up at exactly 4:45 am. I wasn't excited after all.haha.And I texted all my classmates and schoolmates but unfortunately only Arnold(my classmate) replied!haha.But it's alrightie.I arrived at school hearing my classmates inside our classroom shouting "Anjouli!!" and I was like, "Oh! my god!! 4th yr na kitz." 1st day was fine! Nyaha. T'was full of LAUGHS! Eventually, I REALLY MISSED MY CLASSMATES! and unfortunately, I was elected as class president! Pinagplanuhan na daw! Oh well, It's okay! Sanay na ako! So much for my first day! Ang masasabi ko lang naman is that I had FUN! though we already had assignments.English classes made me wanna say "Whaaat?" haha. I'm really dumb in English. Every word our teacher says and we don't know the meaning. He'll always leave it for our research!Oh boi! the first word was Hackneyed.Nyaha. Made a research on that and the meaning was unimaginative.

Thursday and Friday? What's so exciting? Actually, NOTHING! except for CAT(scheduled every Friday,last period.)! haha. CAT = sun bathing.And our English teacher made us believe that he's really GREAT and since it was raining last Thursday he gave us a bonus quiz. T'was all about the things he had disscussed the other day. I don't know what my score was but i think i got 2 mistakes. The meaning of Hackneyed was more like of a boring subject or anything that will be boring because it is repeated most of the time.He even asked us to make a Haiku(a type of poetry) last Friday! My topic for the Haiku was about the blue sea(lang maisip eh!) and yung kay Diane about THE BALLPEN.haha. Interesting! La lang. Share lang. Well, so much for those days. T'was all like the wind of regular classes!!

I know this is really a late update! I'm really busy and I'm always exhausted when I arrive from school . The more that I wanted to use the internet the more my conscience is knocking that I need to be asleep or I need to study my lessons.Too bad. I really wanted to visit all of the your blogsites and leave a comment or message in your tagboard but I'm really busy! Senior High school challenged me to have a new day or should i say a new school life?

1. My mom,dad and Cliantha will be going home on June 25,2006. I'm excited to see them!
2. Deck and I are trying to work things out. Something happened along the way right now. It's all about the CRUSH THING.According to him that having a crush is liking someone in some ways. Is that true? Maybe I'm just so fcukin' dumb! I REALLY LOVE YOU DECK! That's all i ever know.

I need to end this entry. I still have my review tomorrow. I MISS YOU MY DEAR ONLINE FRIENDS!!! Thanks for always being there for me.

Friday, June 09, 2006

TAGGED? again!

Oh c'mon! i was tagged again by Redg. But this time it's different! Here goes nothing...

The first player of this game starts with the "6 weird things/habits about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a blog of their 6 weird habits/things, as well as state this rule clearly.. in the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names...

Staying up late and Waking up early - What do you think? if you were the one staying up late are you going to wake up early? Oh boy!
Snuggling through the sheets as early as 7:00 pm and Waking up late - Weird? Vice Versa with the first one! I'm just so weird! haha.
Being UBER talkative - Yah, I'm so makulit and talkative but sometimes i can't control it and when I'm in crowded places, I tend to talk loud.
Uncontrollable tantrums - I get mad at once at the wrong time,at the wrong place and at the wrong mood. BETTER WATCH OUT! baka kita masigawan ng di tamang panahon!
Do silly things in crowded places - For sure, You'll really be embarrassed when you're with me in lakwatsa moments. I tend to act abnormally.
Biting my finger - I usually do this when I'm bored with the discussion of the teacher and of course with CLEAN HANDS! nagdadala po ako ng sanitizer.Nyaha.

So I'm done.. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!! I'll be tagging...


So much for the tagging echus.
Yeahboi!We visited the beach again!But this time it isn't just soaking our bodies into the salty water.We rode a floating cottage and rode a bangka.But i already had a ride when i was younger.My younger sister rowed the boat all by herself!Oh C'mon! She enjoyed it! I'm tan again and classes will start soon.Haha.For sure, my classmates will tease me again for being black .But at least, BLACK IS BEAUTY FULL! I don't want to talk about every detail that happened that day 'coz for sure it would lead to a boring and long entry! To sum it all, I HAD F-U-N! Here are some pictures...(We used the digi of Uncle Irvin. NO DIGI FOR ME!) For more pictures, click HERE

:) ;) =)

Just had my 2nd minor operation . Fcukin infected callo!! I think I need to blame myself for this because I'm keep on pressing the part that has bukol and yan raw ang nagpapa infect sabi ni doctor.I have no idea! All i know is that, IT HURTS A LOT! It needed to be removed or else I can't walk properly and of course as I've mentioned earlier classes will start soon. Obviously, I don't want to walk like a limp! THAT'S SO LAME!

My classmates and I are having a conference right now! I MISS THEM SO MUCH ALREADY! Oh well, See yah guyz this Wednesday!




Pasencia na kung pangit!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

TO blog or NOT TO blog?

First of all, It's my first post for the month of June . Yeah, It's already June and classes will start soon . But let's talk about that a lil' later.

Are you wondering why do I have to entitle this entry "TO blog or NOT to blog?". I had a hard time on revealing my feelings here in my blog because it's really confusing and I think it would be worthless if you would know. I've been emo this week and everything I do seems so wrong and useless . Do I need to face life like this? I used to be the cheerful,friendly and uber kulit! chic but now, I'm your mataray type already . I was so disappointed when Mummy Kaween and I had a heart to heart conversation in YM.

AKO: Anow ba first impression mo sa akin as your net friend?
SIYA: Mataray.

Actually, That's not ME! Did I really change? Nakakainis naman! Was it because of him? Yah, I already set him free! Kasi nasaktan naman ako, sabi niya na nagigipit na daw siya! Dahil daw strict ako! Ang tanga ko!

Actually, we had the last and final talk the other night! And Yes, It's officially and full-pledged over! MASAKIT! yun lang! "OUCH!" Reminiscing every day we spent led me to tears . Everything used to be special and exciting and everything was almost perfect. STUPID ONLINE GAMES! If only, di siya na addict dun hindi sana ako naging strict sa kanya! It was all because of that STUPID ONLINE GAMES! Maybe It's all my fault! There's no need to know Why I said that it's all my fault? I don't want to blab much about this topic because it's really confusing! All I know is,MASAKIT! SOBRA!

TO blog or NOT TO blog? I was thinking to stop blogging already! Yeah, it's too early but I don't know. What's your opinion? Will I stop blogging or what? I was thinking of getting rid of the internet already because of HIM! He suspects that I have someone new! which is so fcukin wrong! I HATE IT! Just leave me your opinion in my comment box aight?!

Its already the 4th day of June. Obviously, classes will start soon! Our Classes will be this June 14 Yeah, 10 days more to go and I'll be facing hell-like situation! School's fun because my friends are there and I really miss them! But a lot of my classmates transferred already to other schools because of their parent's work! Too bad! I'll not be able to see you receiving your diploma! But its alright, I'll be seeing you guyz after 10 years!

My dad and I had a conversation earlier through YM and I forced him to share to me the pictures of my "newborn" baby sister because they'll be back maybe by July. And MATAGAL PA YUN! As promised, I'll share to you the pictures of my baby sister .
with mah mom
I can't wait to carry her in my arms!

I'm at the house of my lola(father side) right now. We're going to attend the 60th birthday of Lola Nita(sister of my lola{father}) later.

To Astrid and Rex, I'll just tell you if I already posted the link buttons you're requesting aight?! Hope yah understand!

It's so hard when your parents are not here especially when you're the eldest. Like me, I need to take care of everything from wrapping our books/notebooks,uniforms,etcetera. I've been busy and emo this week because of so much things and apologies to my other links if I can't visit your site. PROMISE BABAWI AKO!


Here are some solo pics I had yesterday. I used my cellphone in taking my pictures. Nyahaha. La lang. Share lang.


Yours Truly,
Lil' Ms. Vain


For more pictures of my "newborn" babysister. Click HERE!


Pasencia na kung pangit!